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A graduate from Imperial College London with a Master's degree in Information Systems Engineering (now Electronic and Information Systems), currently employed by GoCompare by way of The Global Voucher Group.

This website, as with much of my web presence, is currently deprecated to some extent. The age of needing your own website has morphed weirdly...


General queries can be sent to

If you want to contact me about a specific piece of work, please use any contact information supplied on that piece of work in the first instance.

Projects and Services

Can I Go Home Yet?

Stuck with a long boring day in the office? Want independent verification that it's time for you to go home? Find out now at is in no way an accurate or reliable source for information on working hours.

Tea Cats (Under Construction)

Look. There's going to be Tea. And Cats. What more do I really need to say?

Fine. I don't really know where I'm going with this either. I'm welcome to suggestions, though - email with your suggestion with what to do with the space.


Noggle is single player game that, to the untrained eye, looks something like boggle. Written as a way for me to build up my Boggle skills, the elegance of the code lead me to write about it.